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Wine, wine, we love wine!

Wine, wine, we love wine!
You know that, of course. And, one of the MOST important tools for a wine lover is opener! Now, we admit that there are MANY excellent wines now being sold that boast the new "screw top". And, we feel that this is really a more eco-friendly option than cork. However, MOST of the wine sold today still has a cork, or a cork-like synthetic product, and for that, you need a wine opener!

The Connoisseur Wine Set is a stunning example of a wine opener set. This lovely set makes the perfect gift for any wine lover! The ergonomically designed corkscrew allows anyone to effortlessly remove corks like a professional. Additional accessories include foil cutter, two bottle stoppers, wine pourer, replacement worm, wine thermometer and drip ring.


1 Deluxe wine opener, stainless
1 Extra Worm
1 Drip Ring, polished stainless steel
1 Foil cutter
1 Wine pourer
2 Bottle stoopers, stainless steel
1 Thermometer, glass

We have several other wine openers available. Check them out, and get one for yourself as well! Cheers!

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